This is a page to keep track of the meetings of Hub partners.

Friday, February 2:
Planning meeting to discuss submitting an application to the USF Graduate School for a seed grant to develop a hub on Communities as Complex Adaptive Systems. Those in attendance were Tim Dutton (SCOPE - Sarasota), Bob Friedman (FMHI), Trent Greene (Dept. Architecture), Bruce Neubauer (Dept. of Government & International Affairs), Walt Nord (Dept. of Management), and Allison Pinto (FMHI / Children's Board), Ronna Rowlette (Children's Board) and Doug Uzzell (Honors College, community-based private psychotherapy practice). Plan was for Allison to draft a proposal to submit by Friday, February 9 deadline. Allison met with Fred Steier (Dept. of Communication) and was in communication with Susan Scott (Sarasota County Government) and John Navarro (MacDill Airforce Base) as well during this plannig phase.

Friday, February 9:

Proposal was submitted to USF Graduate School.

Tuesday, April 10:
Email from Associate Provost / Graduate Dean Delcie Durham to let us know that the proposal would receive a seed grant of $125,000 as part of the USF Sustainable Healthy Communities Initiative.

Wednesday, April 11:
The beginning of our efforts to find a time / space when we could meet together to begin the forming process...still trying...

May 1:
Meeting set up with Allison, Sarasota County Government folks and Tim Dutton of SCOPE for Tuesday, June 12.

Email from Provost's Office announcing a meeting with all seed grant recipients...meeting scheduled for May 3.

May 3:
Meeting hosted by Provost's Office regarding seed grant parameters. Michael Gibbons and Walt Nord attended.

May 8:
Complexity Brownbag devoted to preparing for meeting with Jennifer Pedraza, who is coordinating the Sustainable Community Initiative. Fred, Walt, Mike, Bruce, Doug, Bob, Eric (Business School graduate student), Tammy (Dept. of Communication graduate student) and James (Dept. of Communication graduate school student). Discussed the need for sufficient structure and process to self-organize as a group...virtual self-organizing does not seem to be happening, and several partners have expressed to Allison a preference for face-to-face joining first. Walt proposed a smaller planning group to develop a plan to then pose to full group of partners. Importance of active involvement of community partners from the start was emphasized.

Jennifer did not join us for the following hour due to a room scheduling snafu, but Allison spoke with her afterward. Jennifer said that the policy that seed grant monies to fund any portion of faculty FTEs at FMHI or the College of Public Health still held, but she would be attending a meeting on Thursday and would raise the issue, as it was affecting several of the funded initiatives.

May 15:
Start of Summer Semester, so today marked the first "officially funded" Complexity Brownbag. Ten participants were in attendance...see page on Complexity Brownbag for details.