After various departments at USF, the Children's Board of Hillsborough County, the MacDill Air Force Base Family Advocacy & Outreach Program, SCOPE, and the Sarasota County Government invested in the Community & Complexity Initiative, the next system to invest was the USF Graduate School, through the provision of a seed grant relating to its Interdisciplinary Initiative for Sustainable Communities. This seed grant provides funding for up to two graduate assistants, .25 faculty, and some support for a speaker series and the development of a virtual hub.

Tameria Vickerson of the USF Graduate School has requested an update regarding this Initiative's efforts to date, and has provided a form, requesting that we complete and return it by March 3 in order to provide this information. Please contribute any information that you see as relevant. You can add information by clicking on "edit this page" above. Remember to click on "save" before exiting!

So here's the template:

Multidisciplinary Research and Graduate Education Enhancement Initiative
Annual Report Template

I. Graduate Education and Capacity Building

A) Number of:

Graduate Multidisciplinary Scholars (GMS)
Graduate students (non-GMS) working on initiative research
Undergraduate students conducting research in REU capacity (if any)
Faculty supervising GMS
Faculty conducting research without GMS supervisory responsibilities
Post docs

B) Description of:

Courses developed/offered
Course modules developed/offered
Certificates in development stage
Degree programs

II. Scholarly Reputation and Productivity Accomplishments

A) Paper(s)
Journal Article(s)
Conference and Poster Presentation(s)
Books or Book Chapter(s)
Theses and Dissertation(s)
Faculty Honor(s)/Award(s) Received (for past 12 month period)

B) Marketing, Recruitment, and Public Relations

C) Community Collaboration and Partnership Building

III. Student Success and Retention

A) Academic and Career Development:

  1. of GMS and non-GMS students who achieved candidacy or passed
comprehensive exams
Graduate degree completions
Job placement of graduates
Seed grant projects students actively involved with
Summer semester activities conducted

B) Equipment/Facilities:

Examples of how the equipment purchased by the initiative has been made
accessible to research faculty and graduate students across departments

Examples of how the sharing of facilities has contributed to student research
opportunities and the enhancement of graduate experience

IV. Graduate Education and Research

A) New funding proposals submitted and/or awarded including # of students supported and duration
IGERT proposals planned/submitted

B) Patent Applications/Disclosures

V. Thrust Area and/or Grant Description (40 words or less)