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More options Nov 4 2007, 2:43 pm
From: stars2man2 <>
Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2007 18:43:49 -0000
Subject: Re: $40M Sprawl Magnet?

do you think it is disfranchised or programmed apathy???
>apathy may also be the contemporary expression of exhaustion.

This seems more on point to me... we are buried with information...
intentionally so the important and valuable information gets lost in
the chaos? Like the TV full of "crap," how can anyone find any value
in 600 channels of "reality this" and "reality that" interspersed with
drugs commercials and propaganda or a "news"... I mean truth in
advertising went the way of the dinosaur long ago... no wonder people
are so lost and apathetic ... lol... Thank God for PBS... lol...
>So how can we collectively foster an atmosphere receptive to and
>supportive of community engagement? Does it already exist?

Great questions...
I think we can foster more engagement if we learn more about using
these digital tools ourselves... and model it here... instead of
getting lost in the sea information. We can use an intelligent
discussion thread like this to debate valuable issues that are worth
our time. I mean there are over 50 threads here in this group now.
Can you say you read them all? I can't. How can we model or foster
more engagement if this one digital tool we decide to use is also lost
in a sea of information? I think it's possible, but we need to learn
how to more effectively use the tools we are given. It's easy to post
stuff and share stuff... but are we fostering the emergence or a
discussion that we want??? Or are we adding to a sea for lost
puppies... lol....
I Have intentionally been very strong and even derogatory on several
issues presented in this group here SIMPLY TO create a debate. The
treads are only valuable if they are used... if every day a new
thread is started and no one adds to any of them then the threads are
useless... or we are simply not using the digital tools in any way
that will foster emergence... this has become another sea of apathy
where 21 of the 54 threads have no responses??? Almost 50%!!
To foster anything we need focus. As with the community apathy, the
more information dumped in the less focus... Like Fred said Friday
"what One article would you recommend" ... Is there one that you
would recommend first? Can you even remember one??? I can't...
nothing stood out so strong for me.... But again racing to read the
"sea of information" left me only gasping for air, so what use is
it??? I have learned some terms and language... but can I use it to
foster the emergence of intelligence and practical application???
Maybe We can here? That is yet to be seen.
Thanks for the challenging questions and your shared insight
That alone will foster growth... and maybe we can see the emergence
of change
God Bless