Articles and Papers

"Complex Adaptive Systems and City Planning" by Verna Nel & Kestell Serfontein

"Complexity Theory and the New Public Management" by Tim Blackman

"Social Ecosystems: A Complexity Context for Health Care Policy" by Ken Baskin

10 Questions About Emergence

Kevin Dooley - Arizona State University - Complex Adaptive Systems: A Nominal Definition

Invisible Cities - How Art and Science Inform Each Other (have not read yet, but piqued my interest)

Steve Phelan - University of Texas Dallas - What is Complexity Science - really?

The Open University - Complexity Science Research Centre

University of Tokyo - Department of Complexity Science and Engineering

US Department of Education - Use of Complexity Science

University of Surrey - Center for Research in Social Simulation

How to Build and Use Agent Based Models in Social Science - Nigel Gilbert (1999)

What is Comlexity - Irene Sanders