Links to Transition-Related Policy Documents and Policy Descriptions

Below is a brief, annotated list of various documents related to mandated transition services, including links to federal regulatory documentation and a link to a description of transition programming at the state level. We encourage you to explore these documents or others that you discover related to transition and post those that you feel are particularly promising candidates to serve as “policy templates” for WikiPoliSee participants to comment on and alter in order to co-create more descriptive, more generative policy statements.

Methods of ensuring services [This is the link that you initially provided]:,root,regs,300,B,300%252E154,

This section of the regulation appears to deal primarily with methods for funding and coordinating services, rather than the nature of services to be provided (required or optional), required products (e.g., an individualized education plan), required methods for evaluation, etc.

Link to the page on the TIP website describing the State of Florida transition initiative funded in accordance with Regulation 300

Link to Regulation 300 Subpart B [State Eligibility]

This page includes a link to the “Methods of Ensuring Services” page (above). This page might be a more preferable starting place for a policy wiki exercise, since it covers a variety of regulations related to the funding of the program. Members of the group could browse the links for specific topics they feel would be interesting to explore. For example, there is a short (very short) section on Residential Placement, a section on grievance procedures (procedural safeguards), etc.

Links to definition of transition services
This is kind of like the counterpart to the paragraph on our website that I sent the link for – i.e., it’s the definition of the types of services that the TIP website paragraph describes (in somewhat more accessible, albeit propagandistic language).
Links to a brief describing changes from “pre-existing regulations” (I’m not sure what that means – whatever regulations were in place since the last authorization of IDEA?) related to transition. This is a somewhat more engaging and accessible document than the regulatory language documents above, and might serve as a guide to sections of regulation 300 that are particularly salient to transition.