Children's Board of Hillsborough County
Sarasota County Government
Department of Defense -- MacDill Air Force Base: Family Advocacy & Outreach
University of South Florida

The initial group of individuals partnering to bring this initiative to life include:

Children's Board: Ronna Rowlette, Peter Gorski & Allison Pinto
SCOPE: Tim Dutton
Sarasota County Governement: Susan Scott
Department of Defense -- MacDill AFB: John Navarro
USF Dept. of Communication -- Fred Steier
USF Dept. of Management -- Walt Nord
USF FMHI -- Bob Friedman & Allison Pinto
USF Dept. of Architecture and Urban Design: Trent Green
USF Dept. of Govt & Internatl Affairs -- Mike Gibbons & Bruce Neubauer
USF Honors College: Doug Uzzell

We are grateful for the opportunity to develop our efforts through a grant provided by the USF Graduate School, as part of its investment in Sustainable, Healthy Communities.

Links to resources that may inform our efforts are listed here.

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