Linked By Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink
Systems Thinking by Michael Jackson
In the Bubble,designing in a complex world by John Thackara
**Living on the Edge of Chaos: Leading Schools into the Global Age** by Karolyn J. Snyder (Author), Michele Acker-Hocevar (Author), Kristen Snyder

and if we can think of this Booknook page as a place to share other forms of input,
the following video references might prove interesting to this wiki's participants.
Connect to and view the Thom Mayne video. This is a brief review of his take on design and complexity.

While you are at this site, a slightly broader cultural phenomena is available for discussion in the YouTube video of the phone salesman singing Pucini. The audience response is the main message here for me. The artistic accomplishment of Pucini, speaking to us from the late 19th c. is washing over the half-starved audience of this pop-culture nexus looking for entertainment and finding art speaking to humanity. Pucini was working in a popular media at the time but doing historic work. It is interesting to think about the well of receptivity available in the audience.